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Our services

Family Medicine

Support for clients of all ages with long-term medical follow-up

- Monitoring of chronic problems

- Medication Adjustment

- Represcription of medications

- Global Health Assessment

- Preventive medecine

Short or urgent appointment

For any new condition that required an appointment or an urgent need that as to be seen in the week.

- Fever, ear infection, urinary infection

- Bronchitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, infuenza, cold

- Wound, stitch

- Medical renewal

- Draining abscesses

- Fibre glass brace

- Removal of foreign objects

- Ear wash

Minor surgery​

- Warts

- ingrown toenail

- Exérèse d'acrocordons (''tétines")

- Draining abcesses

- Cyst exeresis

- Exeresis skin lesion

Muscular-skeletal and sportive medecine

Evaluation and musculo-skeletal treatment.

- Traumatic injury

- Sports injuries and brain concussion

- Chronic musculo-skeletal injuries (osteoarthritis, lumbago, etc.)

- Cortisone infiltration and viscosupplement treatments

- Sprains and fracture

- Injuries follow up

- Evaluation before training

- CNESST follow up (CSST)

- REM (Aftereffect report for the CNESST)


Non-covered services :

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