Welcome to the

Clinique Médicale Synergie!

Our dynamic team is waiting for you! Come and meet us!

You still don't have family physician? We can welcome you. It is simple and fast to have an appointment.


Get an appointment and your doctor will call you. 

Appointment by phone or video.

From Monday to Friday :


08:00 to 12:00

13:00 to 16:00

Services :

- Family Medicine

- Short or urgent appointment 

- Minor Surgery

- Musculoskeletal and sport medecine

- Formulaires SAAQ-Assurances-CNESST-REM

125 Boul. de Gaspé

Gaspé, QC, G4X 1A4

T: 418-368-0015

F: 418-368-0016


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